A pioneer in the state, the Vizcaya Technology Park was created in 1985, promoted by public institutions in the Basque Country to foster diversification in industry and the transfer and dissemination of technology and innovation.

Vizcaya Technology Park brings together 7,330 highly qualified workers in over 215 companies, eight internationally recognised technology centres, five R&D units from the university, and other innovation facilitators, who all act as agents to transfer technology, and collaborate closely with stakeholders and universities in the area. In 2009, its turnover came to 2,817 million euros.

As the first technology park sited in Spain, and a model of success, it covers 227 hectares in an environmental area well-suited for the installation of technologically advanced entities, with pioneering architecture in its buildings, an excellent communication network, and close proximity to the university, thus fostering the transfer of technology and the development of a major research area. It has joined the Zero-Hytechpark project as part of its commitment to pursue sustainability to further the dissemination of the message: better use of renewable energies is possible. By using hydrogen technologies, the project aims to attain total energy sustainability in technology parks.