visita-de-Virgnia-UniversityOn April 26th, 2013 Andalusia Technology Park was visited by a delegation of 32 students and 3 teachers of the master course in telecommunications management from the School of Business of Virginia Commonwealth University, United States. It featured a presentation by Marc Sanderson, from the Municipality of Malaga, he talked about the actions that are taking place in Malaga aiming its development and consolidation as a center of science and technology in Europe. After, they had a presentation about the PTA, its support structure to businesses and entrepreneurs, and some projects that were presented by Paulo dos Santos, a fellow at the office of technology transfer and international relations at the technology park.

An important project of the PTA was presented at the event, the Project Zero HyTechPark that the PTA, in framework of the European Project Life, held together with Walqa Technology Park and the Foundation for Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon. The project works with hydrogen technologies and their application as clean and renewable energy source.

Furthermore, once the delegation went to the Office of Innovation Results Transfer from the University of Málaga (OTRI-UMA) where it was possible to better understand the close relationship between the park and the university.