The number of students and teachers visiting the Technology Interpretation Centre-BTEK rose by 10% in 2013

BTEK, the Technology Interpretation Centre was visited by almost 2500 students and teachers in 2013, 10% higher than the previous year. The number of groups visiting the centre last year also increased from 78 in 2012 to 107 in 2013, a rise of 37%. In total, more than 4000 people visited BTEK last year, 7% more than in the previous year.

The majority of the visitors, 87%, came from Bizkaia. 8% were from Gipuzkoa, 1% from Alava, 1% from other regions in Spain and 3% were international visitors.

In addition to schools and colleges, in 2013 BTEK received a number of visits organised by municipal bodies. For example, Zamudio, Galdakao, Berriz and Bermeo, and some visits were organised by parents’ associations. In the summer, the visit to the centre was included in the programmes of several summer camps of different organisations including Euskanpus, Aisilan and the Athletic Foundation. As regards events, BTEK hosted the initiative, Science in Action, the EIKEN general assembly and the Bizkaia Science and Technology Park Open Day, held in November, an occasion at which thousands of people were able to visit the centre and take part in the activities organised for the day.



The BTEKanp technology camp took place at Easter and was a great success: 40 young people took part in the camps which, in addition to the science and technology workshops held at the centre, offered visits to businesses and sports activities.


BTEK, a centre belonging to Bizkaia Science and Technology Park, is making a huge effort to promote science and technology, a task that was rewarded last year: the European Commission congratulated the Park for the work carried ou to promote the project Zero-Hytechpark. BTEK is in charge of the promotion of the European programme by means of an interactive model and a workshop where the working of hydrogen technologies is explained.







New web site

The Technology Interpretation Centre has just launched a new web site, a site which combines information about the centre with spectacular images of the building and the different modules in which the contents are distributed. The new web site also has a section specifically for making on-line reservations.

The web site is intended to be a dynamic element that serves as a reference for teachers and students, and therefore a blog is to be introduced later on for the exchange of information, answering of queries, etc.



BTEK, Technology Interpretation Centre

BTEK is a project set up by Bizkaia Science and Technology Park in order to bring technology closer to young people, while at the same time promoting a scientific and technological culture. The contents of the centre are distributed into different modules intended to awaken scientific and technological vocations among young people; alongside the modules, the centre offers different science workshops including Biosciences, Robotics, Hydrogen and renewable energies and the Tree identification method.

BTEK opened in 2010 and since then, it has become more and more known, not only in schools and colleges, but also in those organisations that organise leisure activities for young people; BTEK is an avant-garde infrastructure designed to bring science and technology closer to young people in an entertaining manner.