More than 60,000 people took part in activities from the Science and Technology Week

The Science and Technology Week 2012 ended with the participation of more than 60,000 people in almost 200 activities linked to science and innovation and the benefits provided to improve our quality of life.

The activities were developed by different organisations including companies belonging to the SPRI Group (the three Technology Parks and the Business and Innovation Centres), the UPV/EHU, Tecnalia, Innobasque, Basquetour, Chambers of Commerce, IK4, Osakidetza, Bioef, Eureka Zientzia Museoa, Ihobe, EVE, Fundación Maite, Fundación Etorbizi and Cristina Enea.

Information about the activities organised during the two weeks is available on the Euskadi innovation portal,, of the SPRI Group (the group of public companies from the Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism dedicated to helping the Basque business network),

the-week-astea-12The high level of participation at the events held by the different organisations to take knowledge to the streets was of note at those events organised by the three Technology Parks, Alava Park, Bizkaia Science and Technology Park and San Sebastian Science and Technology Park. More than fifty activities organised at the three parks were visited by almost 9000 visitors during the open days last Sunday.

One year later, the Business Global Conference was the meeting place for more than 700 professionals who discussed innovation and the businesses emerging in its environment.

The already well-established science marquees deserve special mention, creating a bridge between universities and the public, taking knowledge to the streets, and interacting with visitor groups, in particular with young people. With more than 41 stands, and 26 activities, animated by 340 researchers in the three capitals, more than 40,000 individuals visited the marquees.

Similarly, the university promoted two congresses, one on cyberjournalism with more than one hundred participants reflecting on the world of journalism 2.0, and the WosLab congress, a reference platform of international level in the diffusion of science and technology research activities that take place in laboratory environments.

In addition, the week was completed with a number of technology conferences and workshops organised by the initiative Empresa Digital and the Technological Corporations, Ik4 and Tecnalia. Furthemore, Basquetour and the Chambers of Commerce offered a more innovative vision of tourism in a jointly-run conference.

For a few days, the Science and Technology Week turned Euskadi into a science and innovation map with activities to promote knowledge of scientific and technological advances that have taken place in the Basque Country, attracting a public ranging from children to science professionals.