European Commission congratulates Bizkaia Science and Technology Park for promotion of the ZERO-HYTECHPARK project is a project which comes under the European Union LIFE+ programme, with the aim of setting up measures to obtain total sustainability in the Technology Parks, with optimum management of energy using hydrogen-based technologies and renewable energies. It has a budget of 1.3 million Euros for four years (1 January 2010 – 31 December 2013), 50% funded by the European Union.


The Bizkaia Science and Technology Park is a member of the project, together with the Walqa Technology Park, the Andalusia Technology Park and the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation. At the end of 2012, the members of the European project held a meeting at BTEK, the Technology Interpretation Centre, the area where the Bizkaia Park has based is actions for the promotion of the ZERO-HYTECHPARK project, with a permanent and interactive module, which offers an explication of what hydrogen technologies are, using everyday scenarios adapted to the public to whom it is addressed. Moreover, as a complement to the module, BTEK runs a practical workshop on hydrogen technologies and renewable energies: using different kits related to these technologies, the working of these technologies in different situations is demonstrated in a simple and practical way.

The agent responsible for the monitoring of the project, who also took part at the meeting of members last December, considered the actions set up by the Bizkaia Science and Technology Park at BTEK very positively, with the result that the Directorate-General for the Environment of the European Commission gave a special mention to the PCTBizkaia and congratulated the Park for its work in promoting the project.

On 16 July, the members of the project held another follow-up meeting, this time at the Walqa Technology Park (Huesca). Three agents from the European Commission took part: the environmental project manager for the LIFE+ project, the external monitoring agent and the project’s financial manager; the progress to date and the actions still pending were analysed at the meeting.