BTEKanp, a technology camp at the Bizkaia Science and Technology Park for Easter week

BTEKBizkaia Science and Technology Park has organised the BTEKanp Technology Camps for Easter week. The camps, aimed at young people aged between 9 and 16, take place at the BTEK Technology Interpretation Centre, from 2 to 5 April from 09.00 to 18.00.

Science and technology will be the main lines of the programme of activities during the four days, both in the workshops that will take place in BTEK, and in the visits to businesses located in the park.

Hydrogen and renewable energies will be one of the workshops during which participants will study renewable energies and, using different kits, will test the working of these technologies in different situations, in a simple practical manner.

The Robotics workshop focuses on the practical analysis of the fundamentals of robotics: inputs (sensors), outputs and information processing, through videos, games and the programming of a Lego Mindstorm robot, using NXT visual software.

The Trees and rivers workshop is closely linked to nature, particularly that surrounding Bizkaia Science and Technology Park. On the one hand, visitors genetically identify the native species of Euskadi, from DNA sequences and pollen. With this experiment, participants are able to establish the name of various species of trees and determine whether or not they are native or invasive species, both from their morphological characteristics and from their DNA. In addition to the trees, they also analyse the environmental situation of the river close to BTEK, by analysing samples.

At the Scratch workshops, the young people can find out first-hand more about this computer application and learn how to write programmes in an interactive and fun way, exploring programming concepts.

In addition to the workshops at BTEK, the camp participants visit businesses located in Bizkaia Science and Technology Park, finding out more about the work they do and the advanced technologies they use.